Online Pokies Tips

PokiesUnlike casino poker games like Blackjack or Texas Hold ‘Em, there are no clear-cut mathematical strategies for winning online pokies. Australian pokie is a game of chance and hoping that the winning symbols line up on the payout line or lines. However, there are tips and strategies that can increase your chance of winning pokies without the need to make a clear cut strategy before starting to play.
Pokie Tips and Strategies

One of the best online pokies tips that players can use to win is play online pokies in the best online casino sites. Online casino pokie have better winning odds than land based casinos. Given that fact, if a player has played a pokie that has not paid out any winnings after spinning 100 times, the casino site is not reliable, and the pokie player should find a better online casino at which to play.

A great online pokies strategy is to make a budget before playing. Playing the more advanced 5-reel, multiple payout lines pokies gives players the chance to win big payouts, yet they are also expensive to play. Choosing to play the simpler 3-reel, 1 payout line pokies are inexpensive to play, yet they yield lesser payouts than the more elaborate pokie games. Winning pokie games can be expensive, so pokie players should decide on an amount that they’re playing with for that day, week, or month, and stick to it. It’s easy to lose track of one’s money while playing pokie, and keeping track of one’s spending is a great pokies tip. This way, a player can have fun playing pokie while not losing their wallet.

Another great online pokie strategy is to mix up what kind of pokie game a player chooses. Every player would love to just continually play their odds at the progressive pokies, but they are expensive, and their jackpots climb extremely high for a reason. Simply, progressive pokies are hard to win. For the most fun and excitement, pokie players should play different versions and switch between the simple and more complex online pokie games. A pokie tip is to also vary the betting amount on a given pokie game to add to the fun. Betting the same amount every time can also dwindle a player’s funds very quickly. This way, the pokies never get old, always stay exciting, and players can actually increase their chances of winning.

One of the best pokie features are the Double Up bonus feature. Many online pokie games offer a player the chance to double their winnings after their payouts. The Double Up feature gives players great odds, 50 percent, to double their winnings. Pokie players have the opportunity to choose the color or suit of a turned over card.

The best online pokies tip that a player can follow is to play for fun, not to win big money. Online pokies are much more fun and exciting when a pokie player is relaxed and playing for thrill and not because they feel that they have to win lots of money.

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Australian Online Casino Deposit Method

Online Casino Australia depositChoosing a method for making a first deposit at a new online casino site can be rather confusing, and with so many online casino deposit method choices available it can actually be very hard for online casino depositing players to find the best deposit method to fund a new account with. Our aim is to keep this site a useful and simple resource for players looking for the best online casino deposit method to fund accounts at Australian online casinos.

Online Casino Deposit Methods in Australian

When choosing a new Australian online casino deposit method, the way you choose to fund a casino account with can vary depending on your goals. Players who chase casino deposit bonuses and frequently move bankrolls from one online casino to another, prefer ewallets as a way to deposit and cashout at online poker rooms instantly, in order to get a bankroll to another room quickly. Other players prefer not to use credit cards, or have their credit cards rejected at poker rooms. Below, we’ll outline the basic types of poker deposit methods available to players.

Ewallet Online Casino Deposit Method

Ewallets have become an extremely popular casino deposit method, the convenience of being able to deposit and cashout anonymously at poker rooms outweighs the fact that poker ewallets tend to have higher loading fees. As the fees are basically centered around “loading”, the ewallet method of poker depositing favors winning players who need a way to store, and move money around from various poker rooms fast. Below we list the most popular poker ewallet deposit methods.
» Ewalletxpress – best Ewallet for Australian casino players.
» Moneybookers – Most popular deposit method internationally.
» Neteller – Second most popular deposit method.
» Ukash – Quickly becoming the preferred deposit method.
» ClickandBuy – Popular deposit method for Australian players.

Bank Account Poker Deposit Method

Using a bank account as a direct poker deposit method works great, at the poker rooms that offer this depositing method. In most cases there is no deposit fees associated with this method, and transferring poker funds via a bank account is the best poker deposit method for high limit players wishing to make deposits of more than $1,000. The downside to depositing at poker rooms with this method is the one time approval process that serves to limit fraud. Players using the bank account poker deposit method must verify their identity and wait up to a couple days for the first deposit to clear. Once this is done, depositing will be instant at all poker rooms offering bank account transfers to deposit.

Echecks Poker Deposit Method

Echecks are now the most popular poker deposit method for real money USA online poker. The four most popular poker rooms for USA players accept echecks as a poker depositing method. Echecks are without fees, but only work for depositing and not for cashing out. This is however not an issue as all four online poker rooms that accept echecks as a deposit method have fast cashout methods that arrive in just a couple days.
» Absolute Poker
» Ultimate Bet
» Poker Stars
» Full Tilt Poker

Credit Cards And Debit Cards Poker Deposit Method

Credit cards and debit cards are still the fastest poker deposit method, and work for “most” online players. In many countries, players will face failed approvals and cards will often be rejected. It is important to note that debit cards have a much higher acceptance rate at online poker rooms, as losing players looking to cheat the system cannot do “chargebacks” by pretending a credit card deposit at an online poker room was stolen and/or unauthorized. This is a criminal offense and rarely works, but degenerate players can and do try to get away with it. The best poker rooms that credit and debit cards work well as a poker deposit method are:
» Absolute Poker
» Ultimate Bet
» Doyles Room

Prepaid Poker Deposit Method

When a card is rejected for making a poker deposit, or you just want to turn cash into chips at your favorite online poker room – prepaid poker deposit methods make a great choice. Netspend and All Access gift cards that are found at Wal-Mart, 7-11, and Walgreens stores in the “gift card” area work with nearly 100% success rates. This method for poker deposits is directed at US players and works best at the poker rooms listed below:
» Poker Stars
» Absolute Poker
» Doyles Room

Ukash is also a great way for Australians players to turn cash into a deposit, for more on Ukash visit another great site about poker deposits.

Winning Strategies When You Try Online Casino

Online Casino StrategyWhen you try online casino, naturally you want to win. No one goes online in order to lose. So if you are just starting to play then you should be aware of the different online strategies that you can try. Here are some things that you can use in order to develop a winning online casino strategy.

Winning Strategy#1 – Get Educated
Online gambling could be complicated and difficult to understand to some people, but if you take the time to study it. Online casino has many features that you should discover. First of all because it is based on the internet, online casino has certain technical aspects that you have to understand. You don’t have to be technically adept, but that can help.

Winning Strategy#2 – Shop Around
You won’t run out of options when it comes to online casinos. There are too many to choose from on the internet. So you don’t have to jump right at the first casino that you encounter. When you jump at the first option that you see, you’re likely missing out on better deals that are available out there. You should shop around first and check out the best options that are available.

Winning Strategy#3 – Pick the Right Game
It is not just about picking the right online casino; you should also make sure that you are able to pick the right kind of game. Pick games that would give you the most optimum amount of chance to win. Some games might be fun and exciting to play but they will not give you a good chance to win.

Winning Strategy#4 – Have a Budget
A really smart gambler will not go out there and play unprepared. You need to have a budget that you can use when you go out and play. Yes, you did read that right, a budget. A gambler these days should not be someone who goes out ready to spend all of his money. You need to have a plan and part of that is having a clear budget that you can use.

Winning Strategy#5 – Have a Schedule
Just like in having a budget, you should also learn how you can manage your time in the right way when you are doing an online casino. It is very easy for you to get lost when playing so you have to be careful. You need to allow your time and have a regular schedule when you would play. You should not touch play when it is outside of the schedule.

Winning Strategy#6 – What Are your Priorities?
What is your reason why you play online? Is it just to have some fun? You need to set your priorities when you want to play. If you want to earn some money then you should design your play to achieve that.

These are just some of the strategies that you can follow when you want to win when you are playing online. These moves will not guarantee your winning, but they can increase your chances to have a good time playing.

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