Atlantic City Spends $20m Advertising Casino Pokies Tourism

online casino slotsAmidst intense competition from the nearby state of Pennsylvania, Atlantic City has had a tough time over the past few years. They now stand behind both Las Vegas and Pennsylvania as the United States’ third most popular casino gaming destination, and this doesn’t look to change any time soon. So the struggling town has redoubled their efforts, and they’re set to launch a $20 million marketing campaign that’ll bring attention to both their casino games and tourism scene. You’ll find some of the finer points of this ambitious plan listed below.

Atlantic City – More than just Casino Gaming

Most people know what to expect when they visit Atlantic City since the area is known for its casino pokies, blackjack games, roulette wheels and Caribbean poker. But not as many potential visitors see the town as an all-around tourism destination, which Atlantic City is hoping to change. They’ve teamed up with the state of New Jersey to create the public perception that this gaming mecca has more to offer than just blackjack and casino pokies.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spoke about the new marketing campaign by saying, “Transforming Atlantic City’s gaming and tourism economy, and developing it into a world-class destination and resort, is a vital and ongoing commitment of this administration.”

One of the steps being taken to develop Atlantic City into a world-class resort destination include pushing how the town offers an escape from everyday life. Furthermore, they want people to consider the luxury accommodations, fine dining, shopping, nightclubs, beaches, and boardwalk located in the area. Many of these sentiments are being used in conjunction with the slogan “Do Anything, Do Everything.”

Nearby metropolitan areas like Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York City are getting a heavy dose of these advertising efforts, which are being transmitted via print, TV and the internet. Considering the previously discussed $20 million budget, there’s no doubt that Atlantic City will be able to get their message across through these various forms of media.

Stiff Casino Pokies Competition

One big question in all of this is whether or not a massive advertising effort will be enough to draw people to this reeling gaming destination. After all, Philadelphia and New York both have popular casinos, which have cut down on Atlantic City’s visitor pool. Online casinos have become much more prevalent as well, with people opting for online casino pokies over traveling to land-based destinations.

So will a re-branding effort pull people away from online casino pokies, and into the improving Atlantic City scene? Maybe advertising will be enough… maybe it won’t; but the town will not have to solely rely on marketing to revive Atlantic City since more help is on the way.

Reveling in the Revel

Excitement has rushed over America’s third largest gaming destination after the opening of the $2.4 billion Revel Resort and Casino. This massive casino/resort takes up 20 acres on the New Jersey coastline, and features a 1399-room hotel tower. The casino floor spans 150,000 square feet, while featuring hundreds of gaming tables and casino pokies.

As for amenities, Revel Atlantic City offers two nightclubs, a dayclub, 14 restaurants, and a 160,000-square-foot pool that starts inside and flows outside. Throw in a landscaped rooftop deck, one spa, and a 5,050-seat theater, and you’ve got the most luxurious resort in the entire city. Looking at everything that Revel has to offer, it’s sure to be a huge draw for both high and low rollers.

From an overall perspective, it looks like Atlantic City is fighting hard to let the world know about their tourism appeal, and the exciting casino pokies games that people can enjoy here.

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The Luckiest Online Casino Players in Australia

Australian online casinoThere is no doubt that Australian online casino gaming and gambling has become quite common in the past couple of years. Many people are getting to realize the convenience and the usefulness of playing online as opposed to land-based casinos. If you have been playing at the land-based casinos, perhaps this is the right time that you revised your situation. Many people are becoming successful with the passage of the days by playing at an online casinos.

In Australia, the aspect of online gaming has grown in popularity considerably in the past few years. Online gaming continues to generate more revenue for Australia while on the other hand, the aspect of land based gaming seems to be declining each single day. If you reside or do business in Australia and you would like to join in an online casino news and start earning some good cash from exciting play, you have got all links for that. Although online gaming is legal in Australia, online sports betting is regulated.

Research has shown that many people in Australia opted to play online as opposed to land based casinos in the year 2012. This is rather a different scenario when you look back about three years ago. It is also a fact that for a period of twelve months that ended in September 2012, Australians spent about AU$16.9 billion on land based casino games. The numbers are quite disparate when you compare them with the AU$20 billion spent in the year 2011. This is true testimony that land based casinos is becoming less popular among citizens and many people now love to go to the online casino rooms.

If you are looking for best and in fact the luckiest online casino players in Australia today, you will find a couple of them at the Lucky Nugget Casino. The massive online jackpots and consumer acceptance are some of the major reasons as to why most of the people who have been gambling at the casino have been on a winning spree in the last two years. The lucky nugget is truly a representation of what is possible in online casino gaming. Most of the people who are successful in such platforms act as idols or figures that other upcoming gamers can look up to.

One 20 year old Norwegian picked up the progressive jackpot towards the end of 2011, valued at AU$15.3 million. This achievement even earned the player one of the most coveted places in the Guinness book of world records. This result also set a new standard in terms of the kind of jackpots that are run in online casino world. The second largest win in 2011 was AU$5.2 million. Both of these are huge jackpots that with no single doubt changed the lives of the winners, their families and their friends.

A woman called Eva who hails from Sweden got AU$2.48 million from her biggest win. When interviewed, Eva said that she never took any much interest into the whole aspect of gaming at the online casino. This therefore means that if she had put in more money and effort, she might have been closer to the second gainer if not the first one. A Chilean came a closer forth with 1.37 million dollars. These are just representative numbers that are intended to show you that playing at the online casino truly pays.

Zynga creates casino-style play with Elite free slots

The pioneer in software production Zynga announced offering the slot packed with social elements that has received the name “Elite Slots”. These slots present a unique merge of communication options and thrilling playing. The invention has reminded critics slots in casinos of Las Vegas, where a gambler can play a social slot in company of other people, ready to follow him in the gambling reality.

But unlike free slots in Vegas, the invented slots offer more odds for winning. Zynga promised the quick access to the game by Facebook. In this innovative slot gamblers are presented as pets progressing through various levels and searching for treasures, much depends here on the outcomes of spins. Players are sure to get amazed by brilliantly chosen themed-levels, they offer having adventures in the enchanted forest, battles against powerful enemies. Every theme tells its own thrilling story. All bosses and heroes appearing in the game have their own back stories. After a winning the screen differs greatly – it is full of animated pets announcing a victory, meanwhile the gamblers drop rewards.

Though being free, Eliot Slots are designed to draw certain amounts of cash from gamblers for purchasing animated pets with superpower and special coins for getting extra pulls at a slot machine. These free slots are sure to receive much praise due to their cool collections of characters, being able to increase abilities by leveling up. The struggling social slots were described as an effort made to enter gambling markets. But the slots will function on legally terms, since Zinga is about to get the license allowing betting money to its free slots.

Zynga expects it to take several months before the announcement of the application’s outcome. The question about the intention to get a Nevada gambling license is still not answered. Of course, Zynga will keep lots of details unrevealed to attach much attention to its innovative slots. The situation will be clear only in the nearest future.

New Psycho Slot by NextGen

Things are starting to look exciting for the Australian slot software market as NYX Gaming Group Limited, known to most of us as NextGen Gaming, are about to release a Psycho slot game under agreement with Universal Partnerships & Licensing. The game is based on a timeless classic thriller Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock, and has everything that will make the fans of both Hitchcock art and slot games fall in love with it.

The movie, which was released in 1960, is considered one of the best thrillers of all times and has a lot to offer to the general audience. If you haven’t seen it, do it right now! Also, do not be concerned that it has been more than fifty years since the movie was made, as it was well ahead of its time and will keep you on edge even nowadays with its violence, sexuality, deviant behavior and suspense. The film centers on the encounter of a young woman Marion Crane and a disturbed motel owner Norman Bates. The rest you can find out from the movie itself.

According to the official statement, the Psycho slot should be released in the first quarter of 2015, that is, end of March at the latest, and will be showcased at the ICE 2015 convention. NYX Gaming said that following the launch of the game in Sydney, Australia-based NextGen Gaming Company, its OGS partners would have first access to the new Psycho slot.

So far, little is known about the game, as it is still very early stages, but there is something we can although share with you.

First of all, the game will have 5 reels and 25 paylines, so a spin will be just 25p. Another thing that is known so far, is that you can win at least 10 free spins, but in any way that is quite regular and standard for a NextGen game.

The game’s background is quite spooky, with Norman Bates house looming on a foggy, gloomy night. We see a sign at the Bates Motel showing a vacancy for any stunning blonde, looking for a shelter, and who would like to take a warm shower, uninterrupted. Most possibly this image represents a wild bonus feature, whilst you either get sticky wilds, or extra random wilds. The wilds will pop up via a ghostly figure stabbing wilds onto the screen, throughout removing the shower curtain.

Also, we know that all wild multipliers are increased. That might mean that the wilds come with multipliers in the base game no matter what, and in order to get the significant wins on the free spins, it is definitely going to be all about the wilds.

Speaking of Psycho, David Johnson (who is the Commercial Director at NYX Gaming Group) made a comment: “We’re very excited to be launching the Psycho online Slot, NextGen’s latest premium IP title and a true thriller slot. Psycho’s infamous scenes married with NextGen’s proven premium, repeat play online slots expertise will make for a chilling winter blockbuster title. Psycho will initially be available to our NYX OGS™ partners and ultimately to the wider industry through our global network.

NYX Gaming Group is situated in Las Vegas, with offices in Sydney and Stockholm. In the meantime, sign up to a great NextGen Australian online casino, while waiting for this new exciting slot release.

Stunning Win of AUD 8.65 m on Mega Fortune Mobile Slots

Online gambling has just got onto a new level with a stunning win of AUD 8.65 m on Mega Fortune Mobile Slots. NetEnt, one the world’s top providers of first-rate Online Casino games has made way for yet another multi-million AUD jackpot and has proved that nowadays one can become a millionaire from the comfort of their home, and all one needs for that is a mobile device. A player who wishes to remain anonymous, has scooped the biggest ever win from gambling online using his mobile device. Incredibly, the lucky winner scored a fantastic win of AUD 8.65 m off an AUD 2 stake on his tablet on 11 January, marking the largest ever win in mobile gambling history.
The AUD 8.65 m jackpot demonstrates that there is a great winning potential in mobile casino games, and one can become a millionaire while commuting to work or taking a walk in the park. This a huge achievement for the industry, which instantly brings it to a new higher level.
The company said that the 24 year-old won the jackpot on its popular Mega Fortune Slot. The game was first launched in 2008 and has since paid out a number of significant jackpots. It has produced quite a few millionaires across Europe since its release.
Indeed, this is not the first time a player’s winnings has passed the AUD 2m mark on the slots game, as a player won AUD 4.3m from the same game just a few months ago, on a mobile device as well.
Simon Hammon, Chief Product Officer of NetEnt, commented that it was a pleasure to announce that another of NetEnt’s products had made a multi-millionaire. The popularity of their pooled jackpot portfolio proved no let up as more and more life-changing sums have been won.
Pooled jackpots are very popular around the world and what makes the recent win even more interesting is that NetEnt’s Mega Fortune™ currently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest ever jackpot payout from an online slot machine, awarding an individual AUD 26m in January 2013.
NetEnt, Net Entertainment is a premium provider of online casino games used by many of the world’s most successful online casino operators. NetEnt created CasinoModule™, which is currently a leading gaming system. The system includes high-quality online casino games, powerful and motivating bonus programs and a sophisticated Back Office. CasinoModule™ creates the ultimate gaming experience for the players, while managing billions of yearly transactions, and it provides online casino operators with full control and management of their casino activities. Operators are provided with a customized casino that is easily integrated and ensuring short time to market and a cost efficient operation.
The fortunate AUD 8.65 m winner confirmed that the money would be invested to make sure it is all set for the future. Meanwhile the online gaming industry might be the next big step in gambling development, as it is steadily taking over the gambling market.

Game of Thrones slot arrives online and on mobile

Exciting news for all gamers who love the epic HBO TV series Game of Thrones. Without any doubt, the series with its intricate plot and unexpected twists has everything to offer to its viewers: kings and queens, fantasy worlds and simple people, dragons, love and lust, revenge and forgiveness, traitors and saints… The series has it all and now a leading gaming software developer Microgaming is excited to be launching the Game of Thrones game simultaneously online casino and on mobile casino.

Roger Raatgever, Microgaming CEO, made a comment on December 1st  as the company launched the online slots, that they revealed their licensing agreement for the Game of Thrones series in February, and expectations for the game’s launch have been developing ever since. “With the game going live today to both Microgaming and Quickfire operators, online and on mobile, players can now enter the fantastical world of Game of Thrones with our new online slot. It’s an exciting day for us all, “said Raatgever.

What were Microgaming earlier projects? Looks like the company has been on a streak this year. The press offices were very busy releasing the exciting news the past few months: the significant licensing contracts have been signed with gigantic franchises to produce themed slots based on blockbuster movies such as Jurassic Park and Terminator 2: Judgment Day. And now it’s time for Game of Thrones. A super hit of all times, popular all over the world, with a very wide audience, makes a promising game, indeed. The TV series debuted on HBO in 2011 and the fans are looking forward to its fourth season to come next year. The TV series is based on the mega popular book “A Song of Ice and Fire” written by George R.R Martin.

The series turned to be one of HBO’s most popular TV shows of all time, with international viewers in more than 200 markets across the world. In 2014, it was the most watched HBO show in many countries including meticulous USA and UK, finally beating The Sopranos.

Director of HBO Global Licensing Josh Goodstadt commented that Game of Thrones enjoys a huge global presence online and collaborating with Microgaming would put the show onto a wholly new level of a universal recognition. He also said that the HBO group was very excited to be working with a gaming industry leading giant like Microgaming and have every confidence that the shows active supporter base would be euphoric at the opportunity to engage with the show in a new different way.

What are Game of Thrones online slots all about? The game is set in the world of Westeros and beyond. This 5×3 reel game is offered in both 243 ways-to-win and 15 lines. The slot focuses on four great Houses we are so familiar with: Lannister, Baratheon, Stark and Targaryen. Players have the opportunity to serve one of the Houses during the free spins selection feature, triggered by three scatter (Iron Throne) symbols. Players can enter the House Baratheon ferocity over eight free spins. With a 5x multiplier, this excellent free spins feature boasts the highest multiplier of the game. In case you are loyal to the Lannister House, they will make sure to reward you well. Players can enjoy some Lannister gold using 10 free spins at a 4x multiplier. As for the Stark House benefits, gamers can run north with the wolves in their free spins feature and claim up to 14 winter free spins, replete with a 3x multiplier and reels adorned with Stark symbols. Last but not least are Targaryen distinct features. Players can fly with the dragons for 18 free spins at a 2x multiplier, as stacked Targaryen high symbols pounce past.

The adventure will carry on in case the players decide to engage in a quest of grand proportions with the gamble feature. The flip of a rare Braavos coin will decide their fate, and every time the coin lands in their favour, they will advance along a trail map introducing a host of creatures that stalk Westeros and Essos. Moreover, the online slot has set wilds across all reels and if two scatter symbols land anywhere on the reels, a burning dragon’s egg will materialize, offering players a random prize.

Roger Raatgever said that the Game of Thrones Slot would be a fantastic addition to the company’s branded content games portfolio and that casino operators and players equally had a great deal to look forward to this year. There is a pressure, however, on Microgaming to deliver ASAP since this slot title can offer infinite possibilities. If the TV series and Microgaming’s previous movie themed slots are anything to go by, it will certainly be a graphic masterpiece and a stunning success everyone is looking forward to.

Note: Based in the Isle of Man, Microgaming are among the world’s foremost gaming software developers. Their products include all possible sorts of gaming: Casino, Mobile, Poker, Bingo, Sportsbook, Land-based, Live Dealer and Network Gaming. Since 1994, the company have created more than 750 exclusive casino games, including over 1,200 variations. Publishing a mix of licensed and proprietary content, they definitely know how to keep their fans interested by and excited by releasing new titles every month.

Microgaming have led the way in mobile development as well, producing games that are every bit as playable on tablets and smartphones as they are on desktop; as a matter of fact, their mobile range has grown to include over 225 dedicated games, 75 download games (Android) and 65 HTML5 games. Interestingly enough, their software produced the biggest mobile gaming win in history at £3.7 million

Pokerstars joins the online casino arena

In 2014, all of a sudden, an online poker platform PokerStars distressed many of its existing customers, some of which had been loyal to it for 13 years, that is, since the  founding of the company in 2001. With its headquarters based in the Isle of Man, PokerStars has dealt more than 115 billion hands over the years of its existence, with the key focus on poker with the unique rates and an excellent poker environment. So what was the reason for the PokerStars core to become unhappy with the company? As it turns, it was the change of ownership and the subsequent change in policies. In 2014, Amaya Gaming Group bought the Rational Group, the parent company of both PokerStars and its sister site Full Tilt, for $4.9 billion. The purchase has frustrated many core members as higher rates and new currency exchange fees were introduced. There have been many speculations that the Amaya takeover has put customers’ best interests behind shareholders. As a result, many existing clients moved to other websites. However, Amaya crew are quite enthusiastic about the drastic changes they are about to make.

On Friday, November 21, Amaya announced that it is launching internationally casino table games and sports betting through its website, with blackjack and roulette being the first to be offered in the coming weeks. The company also said it would add sports betting and other casino games in 2015, with a finished mobile casino and online casino versions scheduled to take-off early next year.

In the press release sent out to the media on Friday, the company states that the first offerings — blackjack and roulette — would roll out on a market-by-market basis starting that month with completion expected by the end of 2014 reaching nearly half PokerStars’ current player base.

Right after that, the website will focus on the inclusion of more new elements with the launch of other popular casino games and sports bets, which is supposed to become fully available to PokerStars patrons throughout 2015. During the next year, the company also plans to increase its revenues coming from mobile players with the launch of what is announced to be “a full-featured casino on mobile and web.”

The changes did not appear unprepared for. After the acquisition of PokerStars, Amaya did a proper study on adding more features and games to the website. Right after announcing that the largest poker room is navigating away from its major format, Amaya started doing research on a Spanish market, through its Spanish website, to find out whether the introduction of other online games such as blackjack and sports betting would actually work. and its sister site Full Tilt piloted in launching casino games earlier in 2014, and up to now, it has been a huge success. According to data provided by the company, 30 percent of poker customers are playing casino games monthly, and 50 percent of its sister website Full Tilt users say the site is the only casino they participate at online. Amaya’s Head of Corporate Communications Eric Hollreiser affirms, “We thoroughly researched the opportunity and spent a lot of time talking to players and analyzing the behavior of our customers on and Full Tilt. Those launches have been successful in reactivating dormant customers and extending the value of our existing poker customers.”

Why rebrand the existing company? Obviously, it is all about the profit and nothing else. Online gambling is getting more and more widespread in the world, therefore, the company cannot miss this great opportunity to use its existing brand and its position on the market to spread into other gaming areas such as sports wagering, online casino, and social gaming.  According to Amaya’s CEO David Baazov, the spreading out of PokerStars and Full Tilt in these new dimensions could be an opportunity to get onto “a combined global market of the size of approximately $25 billion”. That would be much bigger than PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker up-to-date operations, which is about $4 billion at present.

Despite all the changes, Amaya cares about existing customers, and realizes that many of them do not wish to participate in casino and sports betting options, as they come to the site to just enjoy a game of poker. To keep these clients, Hollreiser says users will have the option of removing table games, sports betting, and even new games related ads and promotional materials from their accounts. Nothing will distract them from their main purpose and they will not even notice any changes to the poker rooms. “We are committed to extending our leadership in poker and will continue to serve the passionate online poker player, while expanding our reach into new audiences and new gaming opportunities,” Hollreiser confirms.

Thus, even though some players moved to other sites, PokerStars is planning to regain its existing players and to expand its audience by attracting new customers with table games and sports betting. Hollreiser asserted that the new products would still support the development of poker and expand the whole business. The listed stakes apparently will start at just $0.10, therefore blackjack, roulette, and other table games theoretically should attract more regulars. By expanding its offerings to include casino table games and sports betting, PokerStars hopes to not only draw new audiences, but to reactivate inactive player accounts as well.

Notice: is a worldwide company that operates through its Isle of Man license. Besides that, the site holds licenses from the Belgium, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Germany, Estonia, Spain, and Italy. There have been rumors about PokerStars entry into the United States, but up to the present time, no state has welcomed PokerStars.

Chris Morris bought Townsville casino – worst casino ever?

Tourism and hospitality tycoon Chris Morris affirms to have bought the “worst-performing casino” in Australia, but after a $20 million makeover, the Townsville casino will be a gold mine that will fund his growing Queensland tourism empire.

Chris Morris, ranked #47 by Forbes in the Australia’s 50 richest, is a self-made millionaire with a net worth of $590 million. In 1978, he founded a global share-registry company Computershare, one of the first and biggest technology success stories in Australia, which brought him his name and wealth and of which is he is currently a non-executive chairman. Even though he has never been a dazzling software developer and programmer, his vision and strong feeling for great business opportunities is what brought him to the place he is at right now.  Currently, with his experience and his money, Morris can afford investing into Australian casinos although he has resisted installing pokies machines in his hotels and pubs on the grounds they are immoral. However, he does not have a problem with them in casinos, since people make a conscious decision to go to casinos and spend money on gambling nevertheless.

Morris’s Colonial Leisure Group entered into an agreement to buy Echo Entertainment Group’s Jupiters Townsville casino for $70 million in January. They sealed the deal last month after having received the probity clearance.

Echo Entertainment Group, one of Australia’s largest publicly listed entertainment, said in January that Jupiters Townsville had limited expansion opportunities and divesting the casino would allow the company to focus on its other properties in Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast.
“With our fingers firmly on the pulse of pleasure, leisure and reinvention, Echo Entertainment Group is the catalyst for your entertainment. Echo Entertainment Group is like entertainment itself … forever evolving,” states the company. Therefore, it is only logical that they have been trying to sell Jupiters Townsville casino for two years, as its one and only income was from the gambling facilities and even expanding it would not bring any profit in the near future.

The Australian Financial Review had an interview with Chris Morris, in which he claimed that the property had great potential, but due to the lack of investment, was in a sad condition.

Mr. Morris said the waterside casino is the “best spot in Townsville” but an outdated design has not made enough of the views out to the spectacular Magnetic Island. And although the place gets around 2,000 visitors a day, it has struggled to encourage spending outside of the 350 poker machines and 50 gaming tables, he said. Gambling was the only Jupiters’ function, and the potential for the other activities and entertainment was not used to its fullest.

“The only reason people were going there was to gamble,” he said. “The food and beverage offering … was very average.”

Chris Morris, will spend at least $20 million on the major renovation and refurbishment, and on entirely redesigning the venue. He is going to introduce multiple restaurants and bars into the facility, which is typical of his hotels in Perth and Melbourne. It is a long-term project and he does not expect to make a profit for the next four years. The Jupiters deal drives his investments in Queensland in the past three years over $100 million. Mr. Morris’s vision is to create high-end packages for international tourists that wish to visit the Great Barrier Reef, the Daintree and the outback. Thus they could stay at his trio of exceptional venues. He targets rich tourists who can afford paying $1400 per night and it is definitely important to create an impeccable atmosphere to satisfy all their needs. Mr. Morris is taking his tourism business very seriously. For instance, he bought a fleet of helicopters to transport guests from Cairns to Orpheus Island.

Jupiters will play a crucial role in this plan to not only expand his whopping business but also to follow his dreams. “Having the casino allows you the cash flow to do other things,” he said. And at the age of 66 he can afford it.

Despite the fact that the fight between Echo Entertainment and Crown Resorts to build a new casino in Brisbane and a proposed $8 billion mega gambling resort in Cairns are reinforced by the prospect of a boom in Chinese visitors, Mr. Morris believes his efforts in Townsville are aimed more at the locals, taking into consideration that there are limited direct flights to the regional centre.

To make up for his lack of gaming business experience and to take advantage of Jupiter’s “huge potential”, Mr. Morris has poached a casino guru Brad Morgan, who recently ran SkyCity Entertainment’s Darwin casino.

He said that Jupiters Townsville had been the worst-performing casino in Australia for a while, but why invest into the best-performing business which would be impossible to change and improve?